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Season 1

901: Let's Go!

Sky-High Scoop


Bob and the team arrive at a new skyscraper site only to find that Mayor Madison wants the elevator finished by the end of the day! She wants her photo taken overlooking Spring City, and Scoop decides he wants to look out over Spring City too. He rolls into Tiny's cage and becomes frightened as the cage rises. He rolls onto the beams of the unfinished skyscraper, prompting Bob to undertake a daring rescue. The team is able to complete the elevator, Mayor Madison gets her photo, and Scoop admits that he'd rather keep his wheels on the ground!

Learning Goals:

To compare and contrast what one sees from up high to down low.

To compare and contrast ways to use technology to get to the top of a building.

To recognize the need for personal safety.


Milkshake Mix-Up


Bob and the team are finishing the new Milk Shake Bar, and Scoop is inspired when he sees Chef Tattie experimenting with all kinds of ingredients. Scoop's assignment is to mix concrete to complete the parking lot, and he decides he wants to experiment too. Bob and Wendy are having fun tasting milkshakes, so they aren't aware that Scoop is mixing all kinds of crazy materials into the concrete in an effort to make the parking lot look fun. The next morning, Scoop enthusiastically rolls into the parking lot, only to notice that the concrete isn't dry. Now they have to start all over! Bob gives Scoop the "proper" colorful materials to mix into the concrete. Soon it is dry, and looks just as terrific as Chef Tattie's Milk Shake Bar.

Learning Goals:

To make predictions about changes in materials or objects.

To observe and evaluate investigation outcomes.

To appreciate the value of honesty.

902: What a Team!

Kitchen Whiz


Bob is in the kitchen preparing lunch for the team when a hungry Pilchard sneaks into his bag and hitches a ride to work. The day's job is at Chef Tattie's UFO-themed revolving restaurant, where Bob is building the kitchen, Wendy is wiring the revolving floor, and Leo and the machines are decorating the entrance. Pilchard climbs out of Bob's bag and causes strange things to happen on the site, prompting the Machines to think there is an alien. When the restaurant starts revolving at high speed, Bob saves the day by luring Pilchard off the remote control with a sandwich. Together, the team finishes the restaurant in time, and the Machines discover that the "alien" was actually Pilchard.

Learning Goals:

To explore motion (up and down, circular, reverse and forward).

To understand that everyone can try new things.


Lofty Lets Loose


The zoo is getting a new giraffe—Lofty's favorite animal! Bob and the team are building its enclosure and viewing platform. Unfortunately, Lofty won't be able to see the giraffe—his job is to lift supplies over the wooden fence. The work is nearly complete when the giraffe arrives. Amid the excitement, Lofty becomes so anxious that when trying to peer through the small spaces in the fence, he crashes through it! The giraffe flees, but Lofty uses his knowledge of giraffes to lure the animal back with food. The team finally finishes the enclosure just in time, and Jenny names the giraffe after its biggest fan…Lofty!

Learning Goals:

To explore animal characteristics and habitats.

To compare and contrast animals and machines.

To recognize the natural world and the man-made world.

To understand the need for patience and impulse control.

903: We Can Build It!

Scoop's Big Break


Bob and the team are installing new barriers and a driveway at Fixham Town Hall to prepare for the unveiling of a Mayor Madison statue. At the site, Scoop accidentally breaks an underground water pipe and, amid the chaos, Lofty breaks the paving slabs. Bob remedies the situation by using the broken slabs to make a new paving design. The team finishes the job and the statue is unveiled with an unexpected surprise. The statue is not of Mayor Madison, but of Mr. Bentley in his snorkeling outfit!

Learning Goals:

To explore creative problem solving.

To understand that some systems are under the ground.

To appreciate the importance of following directions.


Bob the Brave


The Fixham Medieval Festival is opening tonight, and Bob and the team are building a portcullis. Leo becomes distracted role-playing as Prince Fix-a-Lot and gets trapped inside the castle, where he hears ghostly wails. Bob and the team fit a new drawbridge and raise the portcullis. Bob bravely ventures into the castle, saves Leo, and exposes the source of the ghostly wails: Mr. Bentley warming up his vocal cords for his performance. "Queen" Madison praises Bob's heroic efforts at the festival that night, knighting him "Bob the Brave."

Learning Goals:

To understand how technology has changed the way people have lived and worked over time.

To understand the need for safety precautions.

904: All Together Now!

Saffi's Treehouse


Saffi declares that Wendy is her hero and asks her to build a treehouse for the Spring City Rockets' first club meeting. Saffi tries to help Wendy, but her assistance only causes more problems. When Saffi uses the treehouse before it's ready, it begins to collapse with the Rockets' trophy inside. In an effort to save the trophy, Wendy heroically repels from a tree and retrieves it. Together, Wendy and the team rebuild the treehouse.

Learning Goals:

To understand that everyone can design and build.

To understand the importance of patience and impulse control.          


Cats and Dogs


Bob and the team are building the vet a new reception area for her office to separate cats and dogs. Mayor Madison and her cat have an appointment that evening, and the vet is worried because Cooper, the dog she is looking after, loves to chase cats. Leo promises to keep the animals away from the site, but soon Cooper is chasing Pilchard around the reception area and havoc ensues. Leo finally regains control of the animals, and the team is able to finish the new reception area in time for the Mayor's arrival.

Learning Goals:

To explore the engineering design process, which includes identifying a problem, looking for ideas, developing solutions, and sharing solutions with others.

To express concern and empathy for others.

905: On the Job!

Workshop Makeover


It's Curtis' birthday, and Bob and the team have a surprise for him. While Leo takes Curtis out for a birthday meal, Bob and the team look after his garage and give the workshop a makeover. When distractions occur at the garage, Bob needs more time and Leo stalls his dad. Scoop's unfamiliarity with mechanics causes him to break the new roof. Bob and the team work quickly to fix the problem, and an anxious Curtis finally returns to the garage, delighted with the birthday surprise!

Learning Goals:

To understand the value in making old things better.

To understand that tools and machines make work easier.

To recognize the value of working together to achieve a goal.

To express kindness and friendship.


Muck on Ice


Bob and the team are building Spring City's new ice rink. With nowhere else to play ice hockey, the Rockets plead Bob to finish the job quickly. Muck wants to play ice hockey too and inspires the other machines to join in. Bob and Wendy return to the site and find that the Machines have knocked down all of the barriers. Per Muck's suggestion, the team slides the panels across the ice for speedy delivery. The Rockets arrive just as the job is completed, and Muck and the other machines are happy to watch the Rockets' ice hockey game.

Learning Goals:

To explore the properties of water as ice.

To appreciate the consequences of one's actions.

906:     What a Build!

Bentley's Bones

BTB_1001_EP_11_Image 13_RGB-400px.jpg

The Natural History Museum is receiving its first exhibit, and Bob and the team are finishing off a new extension to house the full-sized Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. However, Leo discovers that Mr. Bentley provided incorrect dimensions for the doors for the new extension and the dinosaur skeleton will not fit through them! Per Lofty's suggestion, the team dismantles the skeleton. They have difficulty reassembling it, but the photo on Leo's phone acts as an adequate guide and the team is able to successfully complete the job.

Learning Goals:

To explore size comparisons.

To explore following a plan/guide for building or rebuilding.

To appreciate the consequences of one's decisions and actions.


Bear's Mountain

BTB_1001_EP_12_Image 11_RGB-400px.jpg

The zoo is preparing for a bear's arrival and needs Bob and the team to finish building the new bear enclosure. Bob plans a three-tiered natural habitat that resembles a rocky mountain, but Scoop is thinking bigger. With the other machines to help him, Scoop builds the structure higher—too high—and it collapses. Bob considers Scoop's attempt and redesigns the mountain to be four levels. The crate arrives and two bears, a mother and her cub, are set to enjoy their new enclosure.

Learning Goals:

To explore animal habitats and animal needs.

To learn about apologizing and taking responsibility for one's actions.

To recognize the value of learning from mistakes.

To understand creative problem solving. 

907:     Machine Moves!

Fitness Frenzy

BTB_1001_EP_13_Image 02_RGB-400px.jpg

Spring City is hosting a Fun Run, and it's up to Bob and the team to build a brand-new fitness trail. Scoop's idol, Skye Sampson, a renowned athlete, is organizing the event. Since Scoop can't participate in the Fun Run himself, he organizes the Muscle Machine Games and accidentally breaks the fitness trail equipment. In a race against the clock, the team pulls together to finish the job before the event begins.

Learning Goals:

To appreciate the importance of fitness and healthful eating.

To recognize the value of teamwork and team building.


Ballroom Blitz

BTB_1001_EP_14_Image 23_RGB-400px.jpg

"Ballroom Blitz," the TV dance sensation, is coming to Spring City! Bob and the team are building a sprung dance floor for the occasion to appease the star dancer, Sylvain de Souza. Team Bob and the Spring City Rockets catch dance fever, but Lofty's dancing attempts only result in him damaging part of the dance floor. Despite Lofty's self-doubt, Sylvain encourages him to follow his dreams. The team rallies to repair the floor in time for the performance, and Wendy takes the stage to dance with Sylvain.

Learning Goals:

To recognize, reproduce and extend patterns in counting and with concrete materials.

To explore light and reflection.

To understand that accomplishing a task sometimes takes practice.

908: Job Performance!

Rockets Under the Stars

BTB_1001_EP_15_Image 24_RGB-400px.jpg

Mila is appearing on the children's TV game show "Whiz-A-Quiz," and Bob and the team are building an outdoor movie area so that the Spring City community can watch the show together. Lofty is so thrilled to help the Spring City Rockets decorate the stadium that he leaves Leo to finish building the support frames for the giant screen all by himself. The frame cannot hold the giant screen and it falls apart, breaking the frame, stage, and audience seating. After a hard day's work, the team completes the job, and the community gathers to watch Mila win the trophy for Spring City.

Learning Goals:

To observe how things balance and how position and/or weight change can impact balance.

To understand the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions.


Winter in Spring

BTB_1001_EP_16_Image 04_RGB-400px.jpg

Spring City is celebrating winter with the Winter in Spring Festival! Bob and the team are building a triple chairlift to transport passengers to the top of Observatory Hill for the occasion. When Skye offers Bob a snowboarding lesson, Scoop decides that he wants a try at the snowy hill too. Despite Wendy's warnings, Scoop slides down the slope. He crashes into the support beam and the chairlift cable jumps off the wheel tracks. Chairlift passengers Mila, JJ, and Skye are dangling from the cable, and Bob snowboards swiftly down the slope to the emergency brake. After the chairlift is repaired, Bob joins Mila and JJ for snowboarding stunts at the opening of the festival.

Learning Goals:

To compare and contrast seasonal differences.

To identify seasonal changes and how the season can affect the clothing we wear and the activities we participate in during summer and winter months.

909: Well Done, Everyone!

Pick up a Penguin

BTB_1001_EP_17_Image 14_RGB-400px.jpg

Bob and the team are finishing off the new penguin pool at the zoo. It's nearly complete when Lofty accidently drops a large rock and it smashes the observation window. The penguins arrive at the site before the window is repaired, and Lofty suggests they revel in the Town Hall’s fountain until the pool is ready. When Mayor Madison unexpectedly returns from touring the city with the unimpressed Mayor Snipe from Riverdale, she is outraged by the scene. Mayor Snipe, however, is thrilled. Bob and the team finish the job, and the penguins are shuffled back to the zoo to enjoy their new pool.

Learning Goals:

To observe and identify characteristics of an animal habitat.

To explore creative problem solving.


Home on the Range

BTB_1001_EP_18_Image 04_RGB-400px.jpg

Bob and the team are at the racetrack building three horse stables for the Spring City Sprint. Leo slips into "cowboy mode" at the sight of horses. After a few antics, he scares the horses and they escape from their paddock, destroying the day’s work. Bob and Scoop round up the horses while Wendy and Lofty safely steer them back to their paddock. The day comes to a close and Bob, Wendy, and Lofty must rebuild the stables overnight. The next morning, the race is off, but Bob, Wendy, and Lofty are already fast asleep.

Learning Goals:

To explore creative thinking and problem solving.

To compare and contrast the purpose and attributes of structures.

To understand the importance of perseverance.

910: Trying Hard

Pass the Parcel

BTB_1001_EP_19_Image 16_RGB-400px.jpg

Roland’s Gifts employs Bob and the team to install a robotic picking system that will pick items off the shelves, wrap them and put them into delivery vans. It's the Christmas season and because of an impending snowstorm, the team needs to work fast. Boasting about his knowledge of robotics, Leo attempts to operate the system and it malfunctions.With the system down, the team works together to replicate the mechanical movements of the robots in order to complete all of the toy orders.

Learning Goals:

To recognize that systems have components that work together.

To understand the value of positive teamwork.

To be aware of one's limitations.


Dig This

BTB_1001_EP_20_Image 11_RGB-400px.jpg

Bob and the team are digging the foundations for a skyscraper in Spring City's new business zone. When Scoop and Muck engage in an on-site digging challenge against each other, Scoop makes an unexpected find. Bob calls an archaeologist, who announces that the discovery is Roman ruins, and the building is halted while the site is excavated. This event prompts an educational experience for the team as they learn about ancient tools. Bob and the team construct a viewing platform/walkway over the ruins so that people can safely watch the dig unfold.

Learning Goals:

To explore past and present.

To observe the function and use of different tools.

To explore various ways to measure.

911:     A Musical Note

Boogie Woogie Wonderland

BTB_1001_EP_29_Image 08_RGB-400px.jpg

Roland Sweet is opening a new game store and asks Bob and the team to build a giant outdoor game-testing area. Leo and Scoop are assembling a giant keyboard and the rest of the team is building a child-size dollhouse and a Snakes and Ladders board. Confident in his musical knowledge, Leo ignores the instructions and treats the keyboard as a jigsaw puzzle. The attempt is unsuccessful, and Leo and Scoop must start over. Following the instructions, Leo and Scoop complete the project in time for Sylvain de Souza to dance out some fabulous tunes across the keyboard.

Learning Goals:

To recognize various ways to sort materials by size, color, shape and number.

To learn about conflict resolution.

To recognize the value in learning from mistakes.


Tattie's Mash-Up


Bob and the team are building the Soft Play Café for Chef Tattie. Leo shows off his "mash-up" app, and Chef Tattie decides that Leo should DJ for the café's opening party the next day. Unconfident in his DJ abilities, Leo becomes distracted from his job and walks through spilled paint, trailing different colored footprints across the floor. Delighted by Leo's new "design," indecisive Chef Tattie decides to paint the disco room four different colors. Leo learns the dangers of multitasking and, in lieu of his DJing, Chef, Wendy and Curtis sing at the opening party.

Learning Goals:

To explore creative problem solving.

To learn to ask for help when needed.

To learn the idea of focusing on work before play. 

912:     Aim for the Stars

Smallest Rocket


Bob and his team are building a launch pad for Stella, a rocket that is expected to break the record for the smallest rocket ever launched into space. But obstacles soon arise when Lofty attempts to place the rocket on the launch pad too soon. Stella flops into the wet concrete and, in a panic, Lofty accidentally rips her parachute. The team springs into action and washes the rocket, and Lofty is inspired to patch up the parachute with the Spring City Rockets' celebration banner. Stella launches successfully and returns to Earth safely. She broke the record!

Learning Goals:

To learn about force and motion.

To reinforce counting backward from 10.

To understand the value of patience.


Star Attraction


Spring City is awarding local citizens who improve community life. Mayor Madison appoints Bob and the team to build an area to display the award recipients' gold stars. Meanwhile, Mayor Madison is inundated with suggestions of who should receive the first gold star. Scoop tries to impress her in an effort to win the award, but his antics accidently cause a massive power outage. Bob springs into action to fix the problem and is chosen as the recipient of the city’s first gold star.

Learning Goals:

To explore the contribution of individuals in a community.

To contribute to and participate in a decision-making process.

913:     Spooky Tales

Fly Away Ghost


It's Halloween, and Bob and the team are setting up the Spring City Halloween Festival. Lofty finds Halloween scary and becomes nervous when he's sent to collect a giant ghost decoration. Fear overcomes him and he believes the crate he's carrying contains a real ghost. The decoration rises out of its unlocked crate and flies across the site, causing mayhem. Lofty musters the courage to capture the flyaway ghost with his crane hook, overcoming his fear. He even creates a fake ghost to help Wendy trick Bob!

Learning Goals:

To learn that event preparation takes planning and creative thinking.

To understand the value of overcoming fears.


Out of the Woods

BTB_1001_EP_32_Image 23_RGB-400px.jpg

Bob and the team are working at the Fixham Campsite when Dizzy is inspired to camp out with Leo and the Spring City Rockets. She and the Machines return to the site that evening just as Leo's spooky story causes a rise in the group. Havoc ensues when the Machines are mistaken to be the creatures from the story. They destroy the work site and Dizzy is left behind when her wheel gets stuck. There, she cares for an injured hedgehog and is awarded an animal care badge for her efforts. Dizzy even gets another chance to camp out!

Learning Goals:

To describe and share experiences.

To understand the value of overcoming fears.

To express concern and care for friends.

914:     At the Movies

Lights! Camera! Leo!

BTB_1001_EP_25_Image 17_RGB-400px.jpg

Bob and the team are building the set for the movie Space Robots 3. While the team is busy at work, Leo dreams of starring in the film and tries to capture the attention of the director. When the cameras start rolling, Leo is on set, hidden inside a prop. His antics result in the damage of the set and the beloved robot star, D11D. Though D11D cannot be mended in time, superfan Saffi is able to fit inside the robot's casing to play the role.

Learning Goals:

To observe actions and decisions of characters in stories and their consequences.

To use creative brainstorming to generate possible solutions to a problem.

To understand the importance of honesty.


Star-Struck Muck

BTB_1001_EP_26_Image 05_RGB-400px.jpg

Spring City Studios is planning to produce a new Dash Lightning film, and Bob and the team are commissioned to build the set! While the team is at work, Muck is so consumed with meeting his hero, Dash Lightning, that he is distracted from his job. After a series of mistakes, the entire set falls apart. Together, the team rebuilds the set, and Muck sacrifices watching the film shoot to help hold up the scenery. The filming wraps, and Muck is finally able to meet his hero.

Learning Goals:

To understand the importance of making plans.

To understand the importance of safety at work and play.

To take responsibility for one's actions.

915:     Scary Creatures

Here Be Dragons

BTB_1001_EP_27_Image 15_RGB-400px.jpg

Bob and the team are building a bridged walkway over the Komodo Dragon enclosure at the zoo. Muck is terrified of Komodo Dragons, so he is instead clearing out an empty enclosure. When Muck finds eggs, he returns to the Komodo Dragon enclosure to seek Jenny's help. A Komodo hisses at him and he fearfully backs onto the walkway, which collapses, causing Leo to dangle in midair from his safety harness. Muck overcomes his fear and acts to save him. After the rescue, Muck and the team repair the walkway. Muck learns that the eggs he found were those of the Komodo and that he was cleaning their former enclosure. The eggs hatch, and Jenny names the first one after Muck.

Learning Goals:

To observe a zoo animal habitat and young animals.

To observe animal characteristics and the way animals move.

To understand the importance of facing and overcoming fears.


Dino Park

BTB_1001_EP_22_Image 22_RGB-400px.jpg

The new Dinosaur Park excites visitors with a trail of life-sized models of dinosaurs, including a roaring animatronic model of a triceratops. Mayor Madison is visiting in the evening, and Bob and the team must complete the park before her arrival. When Scoop tries to surprise Leo by pushing the animatronic triceratops in his path, Muck is frightened and sends the model teetering halfway down the cliff. In effort to save the attraction, Bob rappels down, guides Lofty's hook to grab the model, and rides it back to the cliff top. Mayor Madison arrives for her private viewing and the team discovers that the triceratops' roaring noise is broken. Muck comes to the rescue: he hides in the bushes and musters a convincing (and terrifying) roar.

Learning Goals:

To describe or represent living things that lived long ago.

To learn to express empathy and concern for others' feelings.

916:     A Race Against Time



Bob and the team are repairing the Fixham Lighthouse after it was damaged in a storm. Lofty helps remove and replace the lamp, and Scoop replaces the power cable from the lighthouse to the junction box. The lamp lights just before another storm arrives, and in Scoop's excitement, he accidentally yanks out the new cable and cuts the power. To finish the job, the Machines need the help of Wendy and Bob, who are stranded in the lighthouse because the tide came in. The Machines quickly assist Curtis in repairing his boat, and they rescue Bob and Wendy before the storm becomes too rough. The cable is reattached and power to the lighthouse is restored.

Learning Goals:

To learn about storms and storm safety.

To explore the purpose of lighthouses.

To understand how and when to ask for help.


End of the Line

BTB_1001_EP_24_Image 22_RGB-400px.jpg

The train is almost ready to take to the track on Spring City's new monorail system! Bob and the team are completing one last station before the train's first journey. With Bob test-driving the route, Leo is left to direct the Machines and juggle three jobs at once. Disaster ensues on the site when the roof of the station crashes into the track and bends it out of shape just as Bob is on his way to the station…by train. Leo uses the signal box phone to call Bob, urging him to brake. Bob safely stops the train, and the team work together to fix the track and finish the job in time for the train's first official journey.

Learning Goals:

To understand that technology can have positive and negative aspects.

To explore the use of magnets for motion.

To recognize the importance of good communication skills.

917:     Something Fishy

Scoop's Pet Shark

BTB_1001_EP_30_Image 08_RGB-400px.jpg

Bob and the team are building a new aquarium for a baby tiger shark at the Sea Life Center. As Muck holds Stripy the Shark in a tank inside his tray, Scoop is inspired to take their new "pet" for a tour of the neighborhood. Muck's front bucket becomes lodged between two trees, and Leo arrives at the scene to help pull Muck free. Bob finishes the tank and Stripy is lowered into her new home, wowing adoring spectators.

Learning Goals:

To learn about animals.

To compare and contrast animals.

To appreciate differences.

To understand the importance of being kind and welcoming.


Marathon Span

BTB_1001_EP_23_Image 06_RGB-400px.jpg

Bob and the team are completing the second stage of a bridge over the river, to be finished for Spring City's Quarter Marathon. They are building a bridge deck and spar that will be connected by supporting cables. In the midst of the day's work, Scoop catches a fish in his bucket and, panicking, causes Lofty to reverse suddenly. Lofty's back end dangles off the edge of the partly constructed bridge, and Bob reels Lofty in by using his own hook and winch. The bridge is finished in time and is officially opened by the unexpected marathon winner: Mr. Bentley.

Learning Goals:

To investigate how things are made.

To explore animal habitats.

To understand the importance of being helpful to others.

918:     New Attractions

Scoop and Slide


Spring City has enlisted the help of Bob and the team to build Spring City Splash, the new water park. With a wave pool and splash zone completed, there's only one thing left to build: the double dragon water slide. Thrilled to see the dragon slides, Scoop is disappointed when he is assigned to build the support beams and rushes through his job. After completing his tasks, Scoop is finally able to see the dragon slides. His shoddy work, however, causes the slides to crash to the ground. The team works through the night to fix them and finishes in time to celebrate JJ's birthday.

Learning Goals:

To explore how to measure and nonstandard measurement.

To understand the value of patience.


Spring City Wheel


Bob and the team are building a huge Ferris wheel. The project gets delayed, however, when Leo and Muck stay up all night playing new computer game, Space Robots! Bob, Wendy, Lofty, and Two-Tonne wait for Leo and Muck to bring the materials to attach the observation pods to the wheel but, unbeknownst to them, Leo and Muck have fallen asleep. They finally arrive, but not before the Spring City Rockets show up, ready for their ride on the wheel. While the rest of the team assembles the Ferris wheel, Leo distracts the Spring City Rockets by showing them how to reach the top level of Space Robots!

Learning Goals:

To explore the circular motion of a wheel and axle.

To understand the importance of taking care of one's self, including getting enough sleep to perform optimally.

919:     Curtis' Big Day

Car Wash

BTB_1001_EP_31_Image 25_RGB-400px.jpg

Bob and the team are building an automatic car wash for Curtis' garage. In an effort to ensure that the tarmac is completely flat, Roley keeps checking and rechecking to a fault. During the second test run of the car wash, Roley thinks he sees loose tarmac and rushes to fix it. Chaos ensues, and Bob and the team enact a quick repair. The car wash is finished just as Philip, Mayor Madison and Mr. Bentley arrive to use the new system. Windows open, Phillip hurries through, washing not only the outside of the car but Mayor Madison and Mr. Bentley too.

Learning Goals:

To recognize that systems have an order for operation.

To recognize shapes and colors.

To understand the importance of applying one's best efforts.


Checkup Day

BTB_1001_EP_28_Image 19_RGB-400px.jpg

It's time for the Machines' Checkup Day! After a wash, the Machines are ready for Curtis to examine them to ensure that they're working properly. However, Scoop notices that his orange emergency light is broken and worries about his inspection. He tries to hide but only becomes more disheveled. Bob finds Scoop, and Wendy helps prepare him for his examination. Scoop and Lofty support each other through their checkups and receive positive results.

Learning Goals:

To understand that systems have parts that work together to accomplish a goal.

To understand the need to maintain systems.

To recognize the value of expressing fears, concerns and problems.

920:     It All Falls Down

A Present for Bob

BTB_1001_EP_21_Image 19_RGB-400px.jpg

Bob and the team are building the Spring City Christmas display. Full of Christmas cheer, Lofty sparks an idea when he notices that Bob's home isn't decorated for the holiday. Lofty brings Bob's present to the site, but has to set it aside when given tasks to do. He sets the present down under the display's tree, and when he tries to retrieve it later, the tree crashes into the rest of the Christmas scene. Lofty covers the broken display by redesigning it with a snowflake theme, attracting enthusiastic townsfolk to experience the Christmas season. He lifts Bob's present, a star, and places it atop the tree.

Learning Goals:

To describe the order of an activity using “first,” “then,” and “next.”

To use creative problem-solving ways to fix a situation.

To learn about holiday traditions.

To express friendship and caring.


Never Give Up


Bob and the team are building a 100-meter zip line for sports guru Skye Sampson. When Leo is put in charge of finishing the launch platform and fixing the zip line, his mistakes prompt him to question if he should be a builder. Scoop and Lofty attempt to ease Leo's concerns but instead accidentally demolish the platform. Bob reassures Leo that it takes study and practice to be a good builder. Together they form an alternative plan for a longer and more thrilling zip line.

Learning Goals:

To appreciate teamwork and team building.

To learn about expressing empathy.

921:    Competition Time

Battle of the Boards


Bob and the team are building a skate park for the Spring City Rockets, who plan to enter an online video competition for action sports. After Leo makes up stories about his masterful skateboarding abilities, he and Dizzy compete for the extra spot on the Rockets’ team. An inexperienced Leo almost collides with the Machines and causes Two-Tonne to deposit accidentally a cement into the skate park. The team rallies together and sculpts the cement into a new jump. Dizzy’s talent earns her a place in the Rockets’ video and they win the online competition.  

Learning Goals:

To observe motion and gravitational pull.

To see that learning most new things takes practice.

To see the value of telling the truth and not exaggerating.


Bob and the Masked Biker 


Skye Sampson is hosting a beach motocross race and appoints Bob and the team to build the course. Not only is Bob creating the course, he plans to race on it, too. The Machines, aware of the excitement surrounding the race, are determined to hold a race of their own. Using the finished course, they hold an unofficial race that ultimately destroys the site. The team pulls together, works through the night, and the course is ready the next morning. Bob competes in the race and finishes second place to a mysterious masked biker—Wendy!   

Learning Goals:

To show that machines need to be maintained for optimal performance.

To take responsibility and fix mistakes whenever possible.

To observe competition highlighting fairness and good sportsmanship.

922:    Rain or Shine

Stormy Weather 


Fixham Beach is hosting a sand sculpture competition. When Mayor Madison loses her ring, the partially-built sand creations are demolished in the search. The ring is not found so the teams rebuild their sculptures, but cover them up and take shelter in Chef Tattie’s restaurant when a storm approaches. After the storm passes, Leo finds Mayor Madison’s ring in the beach standpipe and Curtis and Leo win the sand sculpture competition. Bob admits that he can’t build everything, particularly sandcastles.   

Learning Goals:

To demonstrate the value of using basic observational skills.

To explore a variety of ways to find lost or hidden objects.

To show everyone can design and build.


Wind and Shine


The Spring City Sea Life Center will be powered by renewable energy and Bob and the team are building wind farm on the site to make it happen. Since Spring City will require more energy as it grows, Scoop ‘plans ahead’ and convinces Lofty to move the wind turbines closer together in order to fit more into the space. When tested, however, the team discovers that the wind turbines were placed too close—the blades clash and cannot be repaired. The team installs solar panels, along with the remaining wind turbines, to combine solar power and wind power for an energy-saving solution. 

Learning Goals:

To learn about renewable energy.

To understand how following a plan can be important to the success of the project.

923:    Putting on a Show

Dizzy’s Pirates 


Bob and the team are renovating the hilltop theatre, where Mr. Bentley is directing rehearsal for his latest masterpiece, “A Pocketful of Pirates.” When Dizzy shows theatrical flair, Mr. Bentley allows her to become the assistant director while he runs an errand. Excited yet distracted, Dizzy cannot fully focus on either the build or the play. Her mix-ups create havoc, but Bob has a solution. The team builds an elevated wooden track over the mistakenly laid slow-drying cement so that the audience members can get to their seats. The theatre is performance-ready and Bob ends up performing, too, doing a “spectacul-ARRRRRR” job!  

Learning Goals:

To understand how engineers use old material to create something new. 

To learn to ask questions.

To learn good listening skills.


Spring City TV


Bob and the team are installing a satellite dish for the Spring City News Headquarters. On the build, however, Leo is distracted by the new fishing game on his cell phone. He doesn’t secure the dish to Lofty’s hook well enough and it crashes to the ground, causes havoc, and finally rolls into the river. Using his real-world fishing skills, Leo hooks the dish out of the water. The project is completed and the six o’clock news bulletin is broadcast on schedule, featuring coverage of the Spring City Rockets’ dance show. 

Learning Goals:

To observe the basics on how satellite dishes work.

To explore the need to focus on work to be done.

To take responsibility for one’s actions.

924:    Playtime

Muck and the Elephant 


Saffi has won a statue design competition and Bob and the team are turning her design into a water fountain for the shopping mall.  Muck is chosen to deliver the statue and, in his excitement, accidently knocks the elephant statue into the wall and scrapes off its paint. In an effort to hide the statue, Muck damages it further and realizes that he must own up to his mistakes.  Bob and the team work quickly to fix the statue and Muck returns to the site with a special find—Mr. Trunkers, Saffi’s lost toy the statue is modelled after.

Learning Goals:

To show everyone can design.

To show the benefit of taking responsibility for one’s errors and actions as soon as they happen.


The Spring City Clock 


The Spring City Clock Competition has chosen its winner—the Spring City Rockets! Bob and the team are commissioned to build their design, but plans go awry when the construction date is on Recycling Day. In a rush, Leo gathers the wrong box to bring to the Recycling Center. When clock materials and Wendy’s cell phone go missing, Leo and Wendy realize the mistake. Leo calls her phone and it rings from inside the Recycling Bay. They retrieve the box just in time to complete the clock. The clock’s metal figures emerge to sound the bells and the Spring City Rockets are delighted--Wendy crafted the figures to resemble the four of them! 

Learning Goals:

To demonstrate why paying attention, focusing, on the task is important.

To use past experiences to problem solve.

925:    Old and New

The Silver Shield 


Bob and the team are at Fixham Castle, clearing a courtyard and restoring a bricked-up archway. When Scoop learns the story of “The Legend of the Silver Shield,” he becomes intent on finding the silver shield, said to be buried in the surrounding grounds. In Scoop’s search for the treasure, he digs too close to the wall, causing it to become unstable. The team repairs the wall and Wendy notices that the statue of Sir Roger is pointing at something. The team excitedly ventures to the area and Scoop digs up a stunning find—the Silver Shield! Bob returns it to the statue and the pieces shine beautifully.   

Learning Goals:

To explore past and present.

To identify real and pretend.

To recognize an architectural shape, the arch.


City Beach


Bob and the team are creating a temporary city beach for Spring City’s summer season.  Mr. Bentley notifies the team of his aspirations to win the “Blue Ribbon,” an award for the cleanest, safest beaches. The Machines are paranoid when they learn that the inspector could be disguised as anyone. In a panic, they cause a mess on the site. They desperately try to clean it, but as the real inspector approaches with Mr. Bentley, it appears they’ve run out of time. The Spring City Rockets swoop in and offer their help. Impressed with their community spirit, the inspector awards Spring City with the Blue Ribbon.  

Learning Goals:

To promote team work and its advantages and rewards.

To explore why keeping calm is a benefit.

To look at one way to keep things tidy and neat.

926:    Scoop’s Shockers

Scoop Cries Wolf 


Bob is building an ice cream kiosk at the beach. When a tired Scoop stays behind, he makes up reasons to radio Bob, urging him to return to the yard. When a real crisis occurs, Bob doesn’t believe it’s anything serious…until Scoop brings a burning bin to the beach.  The bin falls onto the kiosk roof, but Scoop swiftly extinguishes the fire by pouring sand onto it. 

Learning Goals:

To experience why exaggeration can cause problems.

To learn about fire safety.

To observe how proper sleep is important to good decision making.


The Big Bang 


In order to make room for the new skyscraper, Bob and the team are demolishing an old factory. Lofty is fearful when they plan to use explosives to bring down the chimney. Scoop taunts him, causing loud noises to scare him.  When scoop lets out a loud ‘KA-BOOM’ shout, Lofty accidently smashes the girder into the chimney, creating a hole that could cause the chimney to fall onto the street. The team patches the hole and Lofty prepares for the explosion. Afterward, he realizes that there was nothing to be afraid of, while Scoop cowers in fear.  

Learning Goals:

To show safely demolishing a building takes skill and practice.

To explore scaring and teasing and the effects it has on others.

To learn to apologize.

To overcome fears.

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