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1001 Lofty’s New Claw

Pyramid Puzzle

BTB_1002_EP_53_Pyramid PuzzleUSE.jpg


Bob and Lofty are going to construct the museum's new pyramid exhibition building.  Lofty is excited that he gets to use his new claw attachment.  Upon arriving at the site, they discover that Tiny has already built most of the pyramid for an archaeologist, Anish Bose, who wants to put his exhibits inside the central chamber.  Lofty wants to finish up the work by himself but places a stone at the entrance of the pyramid by mistake, trapping Bob, Wendy, and Anish inside!  Lofty realizes that his eagerness to do too much on his own caused the problem, and that working as a team with Tiny is much better.

Learning Goals

To learn to share responsibilities and work as a team.

To introduce the history of an ancient culture.

To learn the structure of a pyramid

Flotsam and Jetsam

BTB_1002_EP_56_Flotsam & Jetsam.jpg


While clearing trash from Fixham Beach, Lofty collects all of the driftwood he can find.  Scoop is baffled that Lofty thinks the driftwood is beautiful and tries to throw it all away.  When Muck hauls the debris to the dump, Lofty spots a prize piece of wood, and grabs it, causing the trash to fall back into the water!  With creative problem-solving and teamwork, Bob uses the driftwood to create a floating barrier in order to collect the flotsam and jetsam.  Later they use the driftwood to decorate the path to the beach. Even Scoop is impressed.

Learning Goals

To understand the importance of keeping the environment clean.

To learn how to reuse garbage.

To learn how to use limited resources to solve a problem.

1002 After Dark

Phillip’s Sleepover

BTB_1002_EP_54_Phillip_s Sleepover.jpg


While Bob and his team are building an underground car garage for Phillip at the Town Hall, Phillip sleeps in Bob’s yard for the night with the rest of the machines. In the middle of the night, he accidentally scares an already intimidated Muck, who mistakes him for a ghost! In the commotion, the hydraulic jacks for the construction project are ruined. Muck comes up with an idea for how Bob and his team can get the garage finished before Mayor Snipe arrives.

Learning Goals

To understand the importance of being grateful for others.

To learn how to be a good guest.

To understand how an elevator works

Haunted Town Hall

BTB_1002_EP_55_Haunted Town Hall.jpg


When the new Town Hall alarm keeps going off, Dizzy and Lofty are respectively excited and horrified by Mr Bentley’s suggestion that it could be a ghost setting it off.  Bob and Wendy eventually find the real culprits - bats that Bob accidentally trapped inside the chimney when he was working on it. To make sure the bats don’t get hurt by living in the chimney, the team decides to create a new home for the bats on the roof.  

Learning Goals

To explore animal habitats.

To learn how to conquer fears.

To see how technology can be used for security.

1003 Mind Out!

Drive-Thru Disaster

BTB_1002_EP_57_Drive Thru Disaster.jpg


For his college course, Leo films the team building a drive-thru at the Milkshake Bar. Scoop’s desperation to be the star of Leo's film causes disruption and eventually a crash on the drive-thru lane! The drive-thru and film are ruined.  Scoop learns that he must let others do their work–he stays off camera as Leo films the team fixing the drive-thru, showing everything that can happen on a build.

Learning Goals

To understand that it is not necessary to always be the center of attention.

To recognize the value of working together.

To learn that everyone makes mistakes and it’s important to learn from them.

Bob’s Band

BTB_1002_EP_59_Bob_s Band_1 (1).jpg

Roley is excited that Bob will be playing his saxophone with the town band as soon as the park bandstand has been renovated. Meanwhile, Leo is tidying up the warehouse at Bob’s yard, but is distracted when he discovers he can make music using the leftover piping and old oil drums. When Roley accidentally rolls over and flattens the band’s instruments, he is so upset that he rolls away to hide. Bob comes to Roley’s rescue by suggesting they follow Leo’s creative idea and use bits and pieces from the yard to make new instruments. Bob’s ‘Junk Band’ is a great success and even Mayor Madison approves!

Learning Goals

To create something new out of recycled materials.

To learn to admit mistakes.

To see the creativity in making objects from scratch.

1004 Watch Out Pilchard

Wild Wild Wedding

BTB_1002_EP_60_Wild Wild Wedding_2 USE).jpg

Tilly and Henry have asked Bob and the team to convert Fixham Castle into a spectacular wedding venue. When Scoop learns there will be a “Best Man,” he volunteers to be “Best Machine.”  But the job goes to his head as he tries to be the very best at everything, resulting in a disastrous wedding rehearsal.  Scoop learns that he doesn’t have to be the best at everything and that it is important to know your limits.

Learning Goals

To learn the different roles in a wedding ceremony.

To understand the importance of patience.

To understand you cannot control everything.

Where’s Pilchard?

BTB_1002_EP_58_Where_s Pilchard.jpg

Bob, Wendy and the team set out to build a tire shed for Curtis. When Muck shoos Pilchard out of his way, she suddenly vanishes. Leo and the machines run around looking for Pilchard, desperate to find her before Bob finds out that she’s disappeared.   When Muck admits that he had some part in her disappearance, they all discover that the cat had been sound asleep in his dumper the whole time.

Learning Goals

To own up to mistakes.

To recognize the importance of keeping an area tidy for safety reasons. 

To compare and contrast animals and machines.

To compare something large with something small.

1005 Don’t Muck it Up

Muck Mucks About

BTB_1002_EP_62_Muck Mucks About.jpg

Bob and the team are working at the Zoo replacing Bella the elephant’s enclosure to remind her of the wild. Muck and Scoop begin to play pranks on each other. Muck hides inside the elephant house so he can jump out and surprise Scoop when Scoop passes by.  But instead, Muck surprises poor Bella.  Using ingenuity and roleplaying skills, Muck acts like an elephant and manages to calm the alarmed Bella down.

Learning Goals

To explore animal characteristics and habitats.

To learn how to set objects equidistant and in a straight line.

To express concern and empathy for others.

Jumping Muck

BTB_1002_EP_61_Jumping Muck.jpg

Bob is building the jumps for Henry Corner's cross-country equestrian competition. Muck thinks the idea of jumping over things sounds like fun. Determined to find out, Muck sneaks away to build his own jump. But when he tests it out, he gets stuck.  Lofty comes to the rescue, and Bob suggests using Muck's jump to finish the cross-country course.

Learning Goals

To recognize the importance of conserving the natural world.

To understand the need for safety precautions.

To learn how to transform mistakes into something beneficial.

To compare something high and low. 

1006 Bob's Big Challenge

Moving House

BTB_1002_EP_64_MOVING_HOUSE_Image 04.jpg

When Mayor Madison wants to save an old historic house that is dangerously close to a crumbling cliff, Bob and the team lift it onto Two-Tonne’s flatbed to take it to a new site. Mr. Bentley accompanies the convoy and, being a keen bird watcher, he spots a nest of very rare eggs by the side of the road. To avoid disturbing it, Two-Tonne decides to take a different route through the city, but he misjudges the height of the bridge and the house gets stuck. Luckily Bob has a solution! He lets the air out of Two Tonne’s tires so the vehicle becomes low enough to squeeze under the bridge and move to the new site. 

Learning Goals

To understand the value of teamwork.

To learn to ask for help.

To explore height.

To recognize the importance protecting animals and their nests.

To understand that tires are filled with air.

Crane Pain


The team is at the stadium construction site installing sections of concrete onto the steelwork. Lofty is excited to be working with Tiny and wants to impress him. Lofty doesn’t admit to finding the concrete difficult to lift and he drops a section in front of the access way, trapping everybody inside the stadium. With some creative problem solving and collaboration, the team completes the job in time!

Learning Goals

To learn to accept help.

To understand problem solving.

To understand that machines can lift heavy objects. 

1007 Wendy Lights It Up

Wendy's Surprise

BTB_1002_EP_65_WENDY_Surprise_Image 24.jpg

It’s Wendy’s birthday! Bob has planned a surprise party at the yard, but Wendy keeps adding lights to the Spring City Rockets’ ice-skating show and won’t leave until she is finished. Trying to get Wendy to leave, Lofty accidentally ruins the light display. Bob quickly comes up with a new plan and brings the party to Wendy!

Learning Goals

To observe the function and use of different types of tools and building equipment.

To learn the value of doing one thing at a time.

To learn about persistence.

To understand the importance of being a good friend.

Ice Cold Fixham


The centerpiece of Mayor Madison’s arctic-themed charity event to raise money for polar bears is an ice sculpture of a polar bear carved by Wendy. Scoop is horrified to discover that it will melt away by the end of the evening. He takes it away to find a cold place where it won’t melt, but by the time Bob and Wendy find him, it’s too late—the bear has turned into a puddle of water! Bob comforts Scoop while Wendy makes a brand new sculpture. This time she carves a splendid ice sculpture of Mayor Madison herself.

Learning Goals

To understand properties of ice and water (ice melts in warm environments).

To learn about animal habitats.

To appreciate the value of teamwork. 

1008 What's Hatching?

Dizzy and the Butterfly


Dizzy is thrilled to be working on the new butterfly house and wishes an orange butterfly would land on her. The butterfly pupae arrive and Dizzy is so excited that she doesn’t realize that one has fallen into her mixing drum. When she goes outside, the butterfly hatches, flying to the top edge of her drum. Dizzy has to remain still and calm in order to move the butterfly safely back into the habitat. Once inside, she is happy to discover that all of the butterflies are flying around – and landing on her!

Learning Goals

To understand the habitat, diet, and birth cycle of butterflies.

To learn the importance of moving carefully and calmly around living things.

Dino Coaster


While Bob and the team complete work on a dinosaur-themed rollercoaster at the Dino Park, Lofty and Dizzy think they’ve broken a precious dinosaur egg – and that a baby dinosaur is now on the loose! They embark on a hunt, which ends in Lofty crashing through the coaster tracks while Leo takes a test run. Wendy steps on the brakes, stopping the zooming car and saves Leo! The machines discover that the egg is not real, but part of the exhibit, and what they thought was a baby dinosaur was really Pilchard.

Learning Goals:

To understand the role and responsibilities of an archaeologist.

To learn that brakes are used to stop a moving vehicle.

To learn about mixing paint colors to make new colors.

To recognize construction site safety signs.  

1009 Trouble At Christmas

Muck the Elf


While erecting a Gingerbread House display at the plaza, Muck obsessively takes on the role of a Christmas elf – zipping around helping make the season special. He tries building a toy go-kart, decorating a Christmas tree, and even delivering presents. Unfortunately, his efforts don’t seem to be as helpful as he intended. Muck realizes that he is most useful when he helps with things that he is good at doing and assists Bob by collecting supplies for the display. Meanwhile, Wendy and Bob exchange hand-made Christmas cards.

Learning Goals

To recognize one’s talents.

To appreciate the value of persistence.

To understand responsibility.

To learn about making meaningful contributions.

A Christmas Fix


A very excited Mr. Bentley gets Bob and the team to set up Fixham's big Christmas party, but he insists on hanging so many lights that they cause a power failure! Unable to use the square, Bob offers to relocate the event to his yard for a smaller, but just as enjoyable, party.

Learning Goals

To recognize one’s limitations.

To learn the value of flexible thinking.

To learn about being resourceful.

To observe properties of electrical circuitry. 

1010 Save The Day

Phillip’s Important Job


Phillip annoys Betsy by insinuating that his work driving Mayor Madison is more important than hers. But when he breaks down en route to Anish Bose’s book launch at Fixham Castle, Phillip must accept Betsy’s help. Later, Phillip’s quick thinking helps the Mayor to deliver the speech she’d left behind.

Learning Goals

To learn the importance of helping others.

To understand the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions.

To learn problem solving.

To recognize that vehicles need gas in order to run.

Super Scoop


Bob is building an outdoor cinema in the park for the new Dash Lightning premiere. Scoop is inspired to become a superhero, dubbing himself “Super Scoop” and charges off in search of rescues. None of his rescues work and he ends up driving through the cinema screen – in need of rescuing himself! However, when Dash becomes stranded on the way to the premiere, Super Scoop goes to the rescue and personally escorts the movie star to the big event.

Leaning Goals

To understand the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions.

To recognize the importance of thinking before acting.

1011 A Sinking Feeling

In Too Deep


Bob must replace the jetties at the marina, but the ground is slippery, so Stretch has to do the digging. Scoop wants to dig too, but in trying to keep up with Stretch, he slides around and gets stuck. Scoop discovers that by spreading gravel he can grip the slippery ground and help finish the job.

Learning Goals

To learn to follow directions.

To recognize one’s limitations.

To explore creative problem solving.

To explore the concept of friction.

Muck the Safety Officer


Bob and the team are repairing a sinkhole on a busy road near the Flying Saucepan Restaurant. Muck wants to get a closer look but Bob gives him the role of safety officer on the other side of a safety barrier. When Bob is away, Muck sneaks a closer look and the road gives way under him. Bob tells Muck to stay still as Lofty pulls Muck back up to safety and the team is able to repair the road.

Learning Goals

To understand the importance of safety at work and play.

To learn to follow directions.

To explore concepts of weight and weight-bearing structures.  

1012 Starting At The Bottom

Bob’s Big Surprise


When a large box is delivered while Bob and the team are installing vertical steels to form the basement of Spring City’s new skyscraper, Scoop promptly assumes it’s the surprise present he knows Wendy plans to give Bob for his birthday. Scoop’s efforts to hide the box from Bob soon cause the build to grind to halt. Scoop recognizes his mistake and returns the missing package. The team uses the missing drill that’s inside to quickly finish the job.

Learning Goals

To learn the value of honesty.

To understand the consequences of making presumptions.

To understand the importance of communicating clearly.

A Safe Place for Dizzy


Bob and the team are constructing a bank safe in the basement of the partially built skyscraper. Dizzy gets locked inside the safe, but she’s the only one who knows the door code! To get out, she relays the code to Bob by tapping the numbers out on the safe wall.

Learning Goals

To recognize the value of being aware and conscious of one’s actions.

To explore creative problem solving.

To learn about codes. 

1013 Spaced

A Message from Space


Bob is building a radio telescope for Mei at the Observatory. Mei wants to test it by contacting her twin sister Lin on an orbiting space station. Lofty wants to make sure nothing damages the telescope, but ends up breaking it himself! Lofty offers to use his crane arm to position the telescope's dish and they are able to contact Lin.

Learning Goals

To explore creative problem solving.

To understand concepts and vocabulary related to space, including telescopes, astronauts, space stations, and satellite dishes.

Bob’s Badges


When Bob rewards the machines with stars for good work, Muck has the fewest. His efforts to earn more put the new restaurant’s waiting area in jeopardy. The team works together to finish the job and everyone earns more stars for doing what they do best.

Learning Goals

To learn the value of doing one’s best.

To appreciate teamwork.

To learn the importance of helping others. 

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