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Skyscraper Counting


Bob and his team are often designing and engineering sky-high buildings! Use construction paper to build a two-dimensional tower designed to help your child learn about numbers and counting. 

Learning Goals
One-to-one correspondence
Number recognition

Five pieces of construction paper cut into equally sized rectangles
Marker or crayon
Raisins, cereal, popcorn, or other small, dry snack


Number each rectangle in sequential order and lay them down in a vertical number line so that number one is at the bottom and number five is at the top. Have your child practice counting the floors of the building with you. Place one raisin or other small snack on the first floor, then two on the second, three on the third, and so on. Have your child practice counting how many raisins are on each floor before eating them. Have your child touch each raisin as he or she counts. 



Talk About It
Children often learn to count from memory, but they don’t always understand that numbers have meaning. Learning that numbers represent quantity can take children some time to master. It takes a lot of practice. In this game, children practice both rote counting and one-to-one correspondence.

Take It Further
Take turns with your child laying out the correct number of snacks on each floor of the skyscraper. As children gain confidence, you can add more numbers to create an even taller skyscraper. 

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