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Ice Architecture
Build your own ice sculptures, learn about what makes ice melt, and explore the different states of water in this ‘cool’ construction activity!


Fun Friction Finger Paints
Experiment with smooth and sandy finger paints and feel the difference a little texture makes.

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Constructing a Band

Bob and his team give old objects new purposes. You and your child can create musical instruments from a reused object such as an empty water bottle, oatmeal canister, or laundry detergent jug. Try out different ways of creating varying tones and noise levels.

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Measuring and Constructing a Frame

Measuring is an important task for Bob and his crew. Rulers tell us how long or tall objects are. Using cardboard, help your child to measure with a ruler and cut with scissors a 5” x 7” frame to hold a picture.



Cereal Box Building
Bob and his team design buildings big and small. Can your children build like Bob? Yes they can! Turn a cereal box into construction toys that encourage kids to experiment with design. 


Cheese Cube Construction
As Bob the Builder and his team know, building takes planning, concentration, and a “yes we can” attitude! Encourage children to practice their construction skills with cheese cubes and toothpicks.


Steamroller Math
Just like Bob’s team, children can create roads of varying lengths by using kids’ modeling clay and a rolling pin! They can join the roads together so their favorite vehicles can take a trip. 


Skyscraper Counting
Bob and his team are often designing and engineering sky-high buildings! Use construction paper to build a two-dimensional tower designed to help your child learn about numbers and counting. 


Nut and Bolt Mix Up Match
Oh no! The nuts and bolts got mixed up. Bob and his team need your child’s help to sort and match the correct nut to the correct bolt.



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