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About the PBS KIDS Site

The Bob the Builder™ website offers videos, games and exciting construction activities for your little builders! The online experience extends the world of the television show, and provides a safe and exciting place for having fun, playing and being rewarded for a job well done. With Bob and his team as guides, kids learn that hard work, creativity, and fun can tackle any job. Can we build it? Yes we can!

Targeted for children aged 2-6, the site also serves older and younger children, along with parents looking for creative ideas and activities to help them connect and share!

Visitors to the site will discover:
• A video player on which children can watch all of their favorite Bob the Builder videos.
• A games area with brand new exclusive games featuring Bob, Scoop, Muck and Lofty
• An activities area with creative printable coloring sheets children can do alone or with others.

Featured Games


Stack to the Sky
Bob and his team are contracted to build a skyscraper out of a selection of different colored and shaped building blocks. Your child chooses what goes where. If the pieces are placed in a way that cannot support itself, the blocks will topple and your child gets to try a new approach.


Delivery Dash
In "Delivery Dash," your child will help Scoop, Muck or Lofty build bridges and travel over any type of terrain, while having fun with their nifty and unique talents! Help them find and deliver all the packages of Bob's supplies so Bob can keep building!


Bob's Tool Box
Experiment with Bob’s tools and learn how to use them! Your child can select any of the tools and use them to see how they work in a small mini-activity. By using a wrench, screwdriver, hammer, saw, drill or jigsaw, your child can play, experiment, and learn.


Beams Away (Coming in January 2016)
Bob and the team are constructing the framework of a new high rise, but all the steel beams that arrived on the job site are too short! The team needs your child's help to create long enough beams for the job by combining the shorter beams. Time is of the essence in order to build as many beams as possible before the end of the day! This game teaches concepts of measurement, illustrating shapes, and problem solving.

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