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About Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder and his trusty team have a brand-new look! Packed with humor and fun, the series, aimed at children ages 2-6, includes new characters and charming stories that foster social-emotional growth and introduce age-appropriate STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts. The series has been retooled, but Bob and his team are still the warm and caring friends any preschooler would want as playmates.

From the top of his yellow hard hat to the toes of his chunky work boots, Bob the Builder is ready to go! No project is too big or too small. Whether it's fixing a leaky roof or installing an elevator in a skyscraper, Bob and his team have the knowledge and the know-how to finish the task.

Bob's team includes Wendy, his smart and witty business partner, and Leo, his young apprentice who is eager to learn. Wendy's specialty is electronics, but she handles all kinds of jobs and often helps keep the team organized and on schedule. Leo is energetic and sincere, but his overly enthusiastic nature sometimes causes him to get a little distracted—which inevitably leads to chaos!

Bob's loyal and devoted group of machines round out the team. They are sometimes good-natured and silly, and sometimes competitive and mischievous—just like real kids. They are all ready to leap into action, eager to help with a construction project, but usually hopelessly and comically make things worse. They always learn from their mistakes and work together as a team to fix whatever mess they've made. The machine team includes Scoop—an enthusiastic digger with big ideas; Muck—a good-natured, sweet dumper; Lofty—a scientific-minded, overthinking crane; Roley—a fussy, fastidious steamroller; and Dizzy—a finicky but energetic cement mixer. New to the team are Two-Tonne—a powerful truck who can pull anything; and Tiny—a construction crane and permanent fixture on Bob's big builds in the city.

Other characters include: Maria Madison, the frenzied but visionary mayor; Mr. Bentley, her bumbling executive assistant; Curtis, Leo's dad and owner of the local service station; Chef Tattie, whose eccentricity and energy spice up everything he touches; and the Spring City Rockets, a fun-loving and enthusiastic sports team of kids. The series is based in the small town of Fixham, where Bob is dedicated to helping his community, but the team's work has also expanded into the nearby vibrant and modern Spring City.

Through the animated stories, sing-along music videos, and short, live-action segments that comprise Bob the Builder, kids will discover that problem solving is about trying one's best, and if it doesn't work the first time—try again. Friendship and teamwork are at the center of getting the job done!

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